Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions of short-term and long-term lease Cottages butterfly in order to use all services related to accommodation.

1. General Provisions

Service providers are mainly short term and long term rental cottages for the client. The objective being to ensure clients stay arrangements in time and scope.

2. Time limits

The contractual relationship between the provider and the user arises receipt of a properly completed and timely reservation form. The contractual relationship ends after the expiry of the agreed period for which the stay aloof.

3. Ordering

The client can book your stay directly through the website: http://www.chatamotyl.sk or by phone. For the following order made by the provider undertakes the client within 24 hours notify the acceptance of orders and reservations cottages. In the event that the reservation deadline specified in the Order will be occupied Chalet Butterfly, by mutual agreement, the provider can offer the client to choose another date.

4. Rental price

The final price of the lease based on the client's requirements and the applicable price list, which is published on the website: www.chatamotyl.sk.

5. Payment Terms

Deposit 50% of the price must be paid within 10 days of reservation confirmation. The rest of the total price as well as refundable deposit is payable at the latest at the Wynn from the cottage. Forma invoice will be sent to a client that needs to be paid to account number .......... / .... by the due date, which is stated on the pro forma invoice. The price includes all fees for the use of the cottage.

6. The rights and obligations of the client and provider

Provide all the elements necessary for the proper provisioning and services.
The client is obliged to pay rent payment.
If a legal person, notify the authorized person acting as legal entities.
The client has the right to be provided with services specifically included in accommodation that customer orders.
The Client is obliged to hand over a cottage in the state in which it is retrieved.
The client is responsible for damage to property caused by himself or persons who are taking shots chat. After termination of the lease, the lessee undertakes to transfer the objects cabin in the state in which it took over, taking into account the wear. In the event of severe damage chatyu or equipment rental provider has the right to claim compensation for the actually incurred by the funds used for the repair or restoration of the original state. The assessment of the severity of damage to determine the administrator or his representative and the report will be drawn up based on which provider will be able to apply for damages under the relevant legislation. In this case, the client will be invoiced for the costs actually incurred for the repair or return to the original state, which is obliged to pay within ten days from receipt of invoice. If the client fails to pay the amount of intermediary shall forward the claim to a third party who is entitled to represent an intermediary.
The client is obliged to immediately notify faults or defects that have occurred. About this protocol will be drawn up.
The client must maintain cleanliness and order.
The client is obliged to keep the booking confirmation.
The client has forbidden to use their own appliances, excluding equipment intended for their own use, such as a hairdryer, shaver, etc.
The client agrees to pay all costs incurred by equipment damage cottages, which have been him or people who chat with him taking due. In the case of the claim event will be drawn up a protocol signed by the provider of an authorized person.
Each client is responsible for their health. Before arrival or before the service the customer is required to assess their health status with respect to the type of service or the location of the residence.

7. Insurance client is not included in the price.

8. Cancellation of the order

a) In the event of the cancellation of the order by the client renting the provider has the right to charge a cancellation fee. The amount of cancellation fee is:
     - More than 30 days before arrival - 30% of the total price
     - Less than 30 days (including) - 45% of the total price
     - Early termination of the stay - 80% of the remaining days, unless otherwise agreed.
     - One day before the date of accommodation 100% of the total price.
b) The Provider reserves the right to cancel the booking if the subject would not be able to use the lease. In this case, the client can offer refund after agreement.
c) for the change of the client is not charged any fee. Of such a change, the client is obliged to inform the advance rent.
d) Other changes in the order (date change) will be considered as cancellation of orders, in which case the provider has the right to lease cancellation fee.

9. Returns policy

If the range or quality of service are staying at a lower level than agreed and established offer, there is the right for complaint. If you stay for the subject of the complaint not considered damage and property losses that are within the scope of insurance coverage specifically excluded.
Another process complaint procedure is governed by the Complaints Procedure.